Online Travel Activity Marketplace Solution

Online Travel Activity Marketplace Solution

      Online Travel Activity Booking Platforms can make the work extremely easy for people traveling to new places across the globe for finding their best activity. This Travel Activity Booking Marketplace platform incorporates booking, cancellation, rating, sharing, local guides, and safe payment methods.

      MartPro is an online travel activity marketplace operating with tour operators to connect travelers with the best local tours and activities. These activities are provided through its main end-user channels, as well as many diverse affiliate partners, including airlines, hotels, and travel agencies.

      To build a successful marketplace for activities, tours, experiences, and services, you will need to obligate your marketplace to a specific niche in the form of geography, vertical, and demographics. A solid understanding of online travel marketplaces is necessary and can help you make the best choice for your attraction, tour, or activity business.

Why Choose MartPro?

      Responsive Design- All set to work on small mobile screens, tablets & desktop computers. Your website is going to be simple to view no matter the size of the screen.

      Affordable Pricing Plans- MartPro lets you build a powerful and user-centric marketplace website without burning a hole in your pocket.

      Multiple Revenue Streams- Multiple Revenue streams include startup fees, subscriptions, commissions, listing fees, seller fees, and payment processing. You can start earning money from your web-based venture fastly and easily.

      Hassle-Free Booking Management- A Hassle-Free Website uses outstanding design principles that make it reliable on viewing thus helping engage people looking at your website.

      Social Media Integration- End users can log in with their social media account and can also share their activities on various social media platforms.

Key Features of Travel Activity Marketplace Solution

      Responsive Design

      Secure Code

      Smart Notifications

      Easy Booking System

      Secure Payment Gateway

      Social Media Integration

      Admin Management

      Powerful Admin Dashboard

      Easy Customization

      Easy to Use

      Flexible Schedule

      Review and Rating

      Profile Configuration

      Attractive User Interface

      Advance Search Option

      Host Management

Business Model

Activity Seeker

      Select destination

      Explore activity

      Reserve the activity slot at your convenience by paying right away

      Receive notification for your next trip to your next destination

Activity Vendors

      List offered travel activities on the website

      Accept online booking through the website

      Receive payment

Website Owner

      Manage website

      Manage user and their listing

      Receive admin/ website commission from each booking


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