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At Nano Automotive, We are a team of well-experienced diagnostics, mechanic technicians, and service advisors with a great European automotive industry background. We specialise in European vehicles with an emphasis on german brands. All our team is well trained, highly qualified, and competent to the highest industry standards required by car producers. We have ambitions to be a leading Euro and German auto center.

We offer very proficient and exceptional automotive service solutions, with emphasis on German and European car service, this includes logbook, car diagnostics, car inspections, Pre-Purchase inspections, engine repairs, timing chain servicing, timing belt servicing, brakes service, car air conditioning servicing and repairs, car batteries replacement and repair, etc.

Why do you choose?

We are certified European car mechanics, we use only the latest and the best, brand-dedicated diagnostic equipment, which makes us very confident in undertaking even challenging projects on different European Makes. We have been on the market since 2003 and have a great experience working on different European Vehicle models in Europe, our clients can be assured that as experienced European auto mechanics, our engineers will provide the highest standard of Euro car service and Euro auto repair, including a wide range of German automotive services like diagnosing, servicing and repairs.

Published: April 2, 2024
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