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CMR Group is India’s largest producer of Aluminium and Zinc die-casting alloys with a combined annual capacity of over approx 310,700 MT. Since its inception, it has maintained its fast-paced growth by leveraging latest technology and continuous improvement. CMR group commenced its business in 2006,when it put up its first plant in Tatarpur, near New Delhi. The plant deployed sophisticated technologies such as regenerative burner, baghouse, pump furnace and de-coater, rotary sieve, heavy media separation system, induction based sorting system, colur sorting system, eddy current separator, gravimetric separation, shredder, specially designed ladles and auto chargers etc.

Aluminium companies in India create aluminium ingots, a non-ferrous commodity with melted metal. The aluminium extrusion manufacturers in India use molds that are available in an array of sizes and forms, and the resulting ingots has a diversity of visual characteristics. After iron, aluminium is currently the second most used metal worldwide. Due to the metal’s extensive use in many different industries, the aluminium producers in India are taking extra care to mine this metal.

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Published: May 10, 2024
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