Autumn in kashmir: when green turns to gold

Autumn in kashmir: when green turns to gold

Every season is a blessing and tells a different story of its land, culture, and food, whether its Autumn, spring, summer, or winter, every season is crucial because it affects people’s lives, their clothing, their diet, everything.

And when we talk about Kashmir, One cannot forget the king of seasons in Kashmir, autumn in Kashmir – the golden season of Kashmir that paints the valley in the shades of Chinar’s fallen leaves. The season of autumn, also known as HARUD in the Kashmiri language, is the season when green turns to Gold and then to russet and red.

Autumn in Kashmir – sets in from mid-September to mid-November in Kashmir. Autumn covers this paradise on earth into hues of gold, yellow, and orange with the shedding of chinar leaves.

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Published: April 21, 2022
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