Amazon Seller Performance

Amazon Seller Performance is a team of Amazon that is responsible for policing the behavior of Amazon sellers. It acts as the customer service department for the sellers. Whenever you are stuck in a mess within your selling privileges, you can contact Amazon Seller Performance and resolve your queries.

Amazon Seller Performance also monitors your selling activities. As you might know, Amazon keeps its customers on a pedestal. Therefore, it constantly keeps a tab on all your selling activities and the way you deal with your customers. Since Amazon cares about its audience the most, it behaves very strictly with the sellers. Hence, if it finds a suspicious, wrong, or ill-mannered activity from a seller, it wastes no time to suspend its account. Amazon Seller Performance has the authority to even block your account.

The same team of Amazon Seller Performance is also responsible to decide your suspension matters. Therefore, if you want to reinstate your listings or account, you need to contact Amazon Seller Performance. Not just account reinstatement, but every concern, request, or issue of yours is solved by this team only. They can answer questions about listing, selling, and other aspects of your account including the information about internal annotations on your account.

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Published: June 1, 2023
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