Online Marketplace for Farmers

An Online Marketplace for Farmers is a digital platform designed to connect farmers directly with consumers, bypassing traditional intermediaries. Farmers can showcase their produce, including fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, and other agricultural products, enabling them to reach a broader customer base and earn fair prices for their goods. Consumers benefit from access to a diverse range of locally sourced, farm-fresh products conveniently delivered to their doorstep. This marketplace fosters transparency in pricing and quality, promotes sustainable farming practices, and supports local economies by empowering small-scale farmers. It’s a modern solution bridging the gap between producers and consumers in the agricultural sector.

Address-Unit No. 901, BPTP Park Centra, Sector-30, Gurugram, Haryana-122001

Public mail —[email protected]

Phone number–18001036110







Published: April 4, 2024
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