How to remove special characters from a Word document?

How to remove special characters from a Word document?

Ever stared at a document riddled with strange symbols where letters should be? Those are Remove special character, and while they can be useful for specific purposes, they can also clutter your document. But fear not, cleaning up your Word document is a breeze! Here’s how to remove those unwanted characters and restore your text to its former glory.

This guide will walk you through two methods:

  1. Hidden Formatting Characters: These are formatting symbols like paragraph marks or tabs that might be causing issues. We’ll show you how to temporarily turn them on or off to identify and remove them.

  2. Find and Replace: This powerful tool allows you to target specific special characters and replace them with nothing, essentially deleting them from your document.

No matter your technical expertise, these simple steps will have your document looking clean and professional in no time. So, grab your keyboard, follow our instructions, and say goodbye to those pesky special characters!

Published: May 22, 2024
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