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Acoustic meeting pods are essential for modern offices and organisations to make their workplaces creative. Fermann Acousticsis a leading telephone booth supplier in Oman. We have supplied in most of the gulf countries, including Jordan. Meeting room pods provide CEOs, department heads or any other responsible persons in organisations to call urgent meetings and hold discussions with their subordinates or co-workers. Hence, soundproof pods for offices in Bahrain are convenient and flexible.


Most of our meeting pods are soundproof and therefore suitable for companies in the UAE. If you require a portable soundproof booth for your office, you can contact us now. We will despatch your order on time. Our products are most trusted by our clients in Qatar as they are flexible and convenient to use in any type of organisation. Call us today, and one of our customer service executives will help you choose the right product perfect for your company.


Published: July 8, 2024
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